Upcoming Nursery-Kindergarten Tours

Thursday, OCTOBER 12
Thursday, NOVEMBER 2
Thursday, DECEMBER 7
8:45AM - 10:00AM


Sanderling Waldorf School serves the head, heart and hands of the growing child.  Please join us for one of our Nursery Kindergarten tours where you will have the opportunity to hear in depth information about Waldorf pedagogy from both administration and the Teachers themselves.  Most tours happen during school hours and include: a peak into the Early Childhood classroom, an activity led especially for our guests with an experienced teacher (such as circle, craft, or story time), questions and answers with administration and a Teacher.  
These tours last about 1.5 hours, and are for adults-only.

"The true teachers and educators are not those who have learned pedagogy as the science of dealing with children, but those in whom pedagogy has awakened through understanding the human being." Rudolf Steiner

Please join us for one of our Observation Tours to get to know Sanderling and explore the beauty and wisdom of a Waldorf education!

Please note that we structure these specific tours for adult guests to learn more about our school and Waldorf education in a distraction-free setting. As such, we ask that you please pre-arrange care for any young children during your time with us. Thank you for honoring our adults-only policy.

You may also register for one of our upcoming tours by emailing our Nursery-Kindergarten Enrollment Director or by calling 760-635-3705.  For Grades School personal tours contact the main office 760-635-3747 or e-mail Grades School Enrollment.  We look forward to meeting you!