A modern yet timeless kind of education

If you’re new to Waldorf education, at first it can seem so different. But as you learn just a bit more about it, it will start to feel very familiar. It's probably not unlike the school you went to when you were young; where the classroom was filled the smell of the chalkboard and the sound of sharpening pencils; where not everything was about preparing for the next test; where every child was an individual and learning could be fun.

Sanderling Waldorf School has been offering Waldorf education to north coastal San Diego families for almost 20 years. And while some might call it “old-fashioned”, we prefer to think of it as timeless.

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The rich and diverse nature of Waldorf education attracts faculty with varied interests and from all walks of life. We're fortunate that our faculty and staff is no exception. (And they're all incredibly nice and good-looking too. Some people just have all the luck.)


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