Sanderling Waldorf School's tuition assistance program is designed to make Waldorf education accessible to families who would not otherwise be able to afford it. We believe that Waldorf education should be available to families of all economic levels, and recognize that the diversity of our students' experiences and backgrounds offers an invaluable depth, beauty and wisdom to the Sanderling community.

Families may apply for tuition assistance for children entering their last year of kindergarten  and for children in the grades.

In addition to the tuition assistance program, Sanderling offers a variety of different payment plans to help families manage their tuition costs, ranging from annual or quarterly payment plans, to a monthly plan that enables payments to be made in ten equal monthly installments.

We recognize that each family’s economic circumstances change from year to year, and that in some years, an adjustment to the tuition may make the difference to whether a family can attend Sanderling or not. We allocate a percentage of our budget each year to fund this kind of assistance for Grades and Kindergarten (1st Grade eligible) students. While we can’t guarantee assistance to every family that asks, we aim to fulfill as many requests as possible.

Tuition Assistance Application Process

  1. Email our business administrator Brian Wolff and inform him of your intention to apply

  2. Following acceptance into the school, the family provides financial information to TADS, a third-party tuition-assistance organization contracted with Sanderling Waldorf School. Please note that students must apply and be officially accepted to the school before an application for tuition assistance will be considered. 

  3. TADS calculates a suggested amount for the family to contribute toward their child's private school education and provides this information to Sanderling.

  4. Sanderling's Tuition Assistance Community determines how much of the tuition assistance recommended by TADS, if any, can be provided to the family. This decision is based primarily on our budget for assistance and the amount of assistance that other families may be requesting. The tuition assistance awards do not cover fees and are capped at 50% of the cost of tuition.


When you request tuition assistance, only the Enrollment Director, Business Administrator and the Tuition Assistance Committee are aware of your request. The Tuition Assistance Committee are the only people who see your financial report from TADS. When the Business Administrator presents the request for tuition assistance for Board decision, the identity of the family is not shared - only the amount of assistance recommended by TADS. If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact us.

Currently enrolled and/or newly accepted families only can provide financial information to TADS by clicking on the icon below.