Emergency Procedures

The following are the regulations regarding emergency procedures for Sanderling Waldorf School, which correspond to the California State School Emergency Policies.   For a downloadable document, click the links below.  

Peanut allergen policy for Shadowridge campus

Please find the Peanut Allergen Policy for the Shadowridge Campuses here.


Emergency Communication Policy

In the event of an emergency involving an early release from school, Sanderling will initiate the Emergency communications process, which will alert families that school is dismissing immediately. For a downloadable document explaining this, click here.


Behavior Policy

At Sanderling we emphasize a positive approach to all behavior expectations. We seek to provide a wholesome, nurturing environment where students may strive towards their highest potential within a school community based on respect and courtesy. Students are expected to speak and behave in a manner consistent with a respect and appreciation for the dignity and worth of every member of the community and of the school itself.  For the entire policy in a downloadable document, click here.


Dress Code

We strive to create a working and learning environment that is as free as possible from distracting influences, and attempt to find a middle path between uniforms on the one hand and extreme styles on the other.  To read our entire dress code policy, click here.


DRop Off & Pick up Policies

Please find the drop off and pick up policies for the Carlsbad and Shadowridge Campuses here.