Policy on the Use of Electronic Media

The philosophy of Sanderling Waldorf School is based upon an understanding of the developing child. While television and other media can serve as a source of information and entertainment for adults, children do not operate in the same developmental stage as adults. Recent research has shown that exposure to media entertainment for young children may have a detrimental effect upon their self-image, their ability to concentrate and develop attention span, their relationship skills, values, reading skills, physical skills, energy levels, psychological health, creativity and social behavior. 

Because we believe that the impact of electronic media can have detrimental effects on a child’s healthy growth and development, we encourage families to incorporate our media-free philosophy into their children’s daily lives. To that end, we expect that our families significantly reduce or eliminate the use of electronic media for their children.

We ask for complete elimination of electronic media during the school week, Sunday late afternoon to Friday after school. We realize that limiting or eliminating media from your child's life might feel like a tall order. However with support and reassurance, families may find that more free time means more creative and quality time together.