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The image of St. Michael with his golden sword piercing the darkness wells up in us, giving us the courage to face the darkening earth. With autumn, the earth draws into herself, and we also begin to draw into ourselves. Winter is the season of inner contemplation. When we look within ourselves, who knows what dragons we will find? The struggle of St. George and the dragon is also a powerful image at Michaelmas. There is not only courage needed to deal with the outer cold and darkness but also within ourselves. Courage is called forth to shine light on those personal challenges we face as socially and morally maturing human beings. When the deeper, inner meaning of festivals is contemplated, a nourishing and sustaining quality enables us to participate and enrich our own lives -- and the lives of our families and our community as well. 

Michaelmas is our first festival of the year. The celebration includes a play, songs, and games and challenges for all the members of the community -- with great festivity and joy.

The pageant is at 1:00, followed by games at 1:30. 

Later Event: October 6
Classroom Observation